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Movement Classes

Core for the female athlete
Kinetic Core 

This core series is meant as off season training for competitive and recreational female, and those who identify as female athletes.

Presented by empowHER Athlete Development which is run by Athletic Therapist Eryn Freeman, she will take into consideration past injuries, limitations and notice areas of weakness so you can build a solid foundation to advance you in your sport and life and also help prevent injuries.

This core class will shift your perspective on typical "Core" exercises, integrating the breathe and the whole body to create a more functionally capable athlete. The hips/shoulders and feet will also be integrated into exercises.

Expect to go away with some things to practice at home and you will also have access to online videos to follow if desired.

The Kinetic Core series was developed by Eryn Freeman as a rehabilitation and prehabilitation class. 

This class incorporates breathing work, Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization, and Functional Range Conditioning principles. We will build strength and motor control in the trunk, which transfers over to many activities of daily living and even sport. 

This class is perfect for someone who wants to get back into exercise, or get moving more. It's also tailored to those recovering, or in the late phases of healing from an injury. It is not appropriate for someone who is still in a lot of pain. 

Sign up for your free virtual initial meeting with Eryn and she will help determine if this class is right for you.

This series runs once a week for 40mins for 6 weeks. 

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