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"Working with Eryn has been amazing and life changing for me. I have had issues with my knee and hips for as long as I can remember. I’ve been going to appointment since I was a little kid, but Eryn was the first person who got to the root cause of my pain. Eryn has given me daily workouts to strengthen these areas and everything I’ve done with her has worked amazingly. I can walk without pain and hoping to get back to my daily running once again!! Thank you Eryn ! You're amazing"


"As a rock climber it is difficult to find an athletic therapist with an understanding of how to treat climbing related injuries. I first sought out Eryn to simply release muscular tension…In the past two years, Eryn has helped me recover from acute injuries, regain symmetry and strength in my glutes and hips, reverse and treat developing tennis and golfers elbows, and has kept me healthy and happy as I continue to pursue my sport at an international level…She was always incredibly inquisitive during sessions and even came out to one of my competitions to learn more about the sport. Her professionalism, ability to share her knowledge on the human body, and her dedication and passion towards her work has definitely been well appreciated…Eryn’s continuously upbeat and positive attitude kept my spirits and motivations high even when I was unable to perform sport. She helped manage and correct problems and also taught me the importance of recovery, supplemental work, and rest in sport".

Zoe Beauchemin

Canadian Youth Climber

My experience with Eryn as an AT has been nothing but incredibly positive! She is professional, knows her field, and puts her clients first. Her dedication to client safety and body dynamics is top notch; I completely trust Eryn's opinion and assessment on whatever part of my body happens to be failing me. I just wish she still lived in the same town as me so I didn't have to drive 2.5 hours to get a treatment!

Magda Rajkowski



I'm an active person in my early 60s who was sidelined several years ago by osteoarthritis, a torn meniscus and ligament damage in both knees. After visiting a couple of physiotherapists, I was happy to finally find someone who could guide me skilfully towards strengthening the correct muscles for post-operation recovery. I found Eryn to be knowledgeable and efficient. I highly recommend her!

Mike M


When we came to Eryn Freeman, I was considering pulling my teenage daughter out of her sport and was seriously concerned that she would not have anything resembling a normal life. She was born with a genetic syndrome which makes her highly susceptible to dislocations and subluxations …In the 6 months before meeting with Eryn, my daughter had as many subluxations and a couple of full dislocations…With Eryn's guidance, my daughter has been able to fully enjoy and grow in her sport.  Within weeks of meeting with Eryn and following her program, we stopped seeing dislocations to any degree. On top of that, my daughter has been able to overcome various injuries related to cheerleading quickly and with confidence. Eryn brought her skills and expertise to the table. She helped my daughter not only with the challenges related to the genetic syndrome and sport injuries, but provided training that has helped increase my daughter's joy and success in cheerleading. Words cannot express enough how grateful we are for her and the confidence we have in her expertise.

Kirsten (Daughter)


Eryn has been the key component of my recovery from a herniated disk, and has assisted me in staying healthy and strong. Her ability to pinpoint the cause of any discomfort is remarkable. She listens well, is patient and thorough, and always sends me on my way with exercises I can do at home to keep my muscles happy and injury free. She really is the best!

April Caverhill


My partner recommended Eryn Freeman for a knee injury my doctor was unable to diagnose, even with x-rays. Eryn figured out exactly what the problem was, was able to alleviate 50% of the pain in the first session with some intense massage, and set me up with exercises to resolve the problem permanently. Very impressed with her level of knowledge, thorough process, and professionalism. She is exceptional.

Jeff B


Eryn has been excellent at diagnosing my physical limitations and working with me toward better health. She progressively adds new and pertinent exercises as my strength increases. She listens, and because of her extensive knowledge of athletic therapy, she can finesse my program to my greater benefit. I am excited and grateful to feel my strength increase and my health improve.

Kelly Dodds


You have helped me so much with my failing body. You have also taught me that I can take positive steps to prevent injury. You have made a big difference for me. You are an inspiring young woman…

Barb Carr


I definitely feel stronger …while there is some residual discomfort on some days, the nature of it has completely changed… it’s now a little annoyance, not a threat…I don’t feel like my back is going to go “Sprong!” at any second and totally disable me…which was pretty much the situation when I started with you. The class helped to show me that I could be an active participant in treating my back…that there are things I can do that will actually help maintain a healthy condition…and that - and this is most extraordinary - I can actually enjoy doing them! Thank you again, Eryn, for everything.

Don Enright

Core class participant

I first went to see Eryn with an increasingly painful hand injury that I’d been trying to ignore, to the point where I had only 50% of my usual strength and flexibility.  With exercise and treatment Eryn returned my hand to 100%.  She has gone on to deal with other injuries, recurring posture and movement problems, and the fallout from a sudden onset of polyarthritis. 

Eryn works with passionate curiosity and a determination to find the most underlying cause of any problem.  She has a real gift for asking questions and listening to the answers, which she incorporates into her search for the best treatment and exercises.   Her breadth of technical knowledge is impressive.

As I approach retirement age I recognize how fortunate I am to have a therapist who doesn’t assume I’m on the downhill track; Eryn always supports me in working to improve my level of fitness so I can keep doing the things I love.

Barb Wolfe


Eryn is a knowledgable and dedicated Athletic Therapist that truly cares about helping her clients. Her hands on approach and progressive rehabilitation exercises have helped me recover from several debilitating injuries. Thank you Eryn!

Brady Quaite

Baseball player

This class has given me strength, a lot less pain and life changing skills on how to deal with pain.

Core class participant

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