Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists CAT(C) are experts in treating acute and chronic injuries to muscles, bones, and joints. They follow the Sports Medicine Model of care and treat a broad range of clients from elite athletes to weekend warriors. They also work in the area of injury prevention and are considered experts in Exercise Rehabilitation. You can also find them working with National, Regional or local sports teams or at sports events providing emergency and acute care. 

Areas of expertise include: 

1. Injury Prevention

2. Injury Assessment

3. Emergency and Acute Care 

4. Treatment which may include; modalities such as IFC, TENS, joint mobilization, soft tissue release, and taping. 

5. Rehabilitation, including Exercise Prescription and potential lifestyle or sport modification

The goal of an Athletic Therapist is to get you back to work, sport or play as soon as possible and in even better condition than you were pre-injury! 

A few of the clients Eryn Freeman has treated include:  

  • Swimmers

  • New mothers

  • Potters 

  • Motorcross

  • Mountain bikers 

  • Soccer, Rugby, Volleyball & Baseball players 

  • Snowboarders/Skiers

  • Artists 

  • Wheelchair Rugby Canada Athletes

  • Gymnasts/dancers

  • Engineers 

  • Physical labourers 

  • Curlers 

  • Climbers

  • Musicians 

  • Horse riders 

  • Electricians

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